You Can Learn to Ride

The motorcycle and scooter world works a little differently than the car and truck world. Open trails that the normal motorist cannot risk getting down draw motorcyclists into them for fun and exploration.

Of course, with the freedom of two wheels comes different laws, skills, and regulations. You can learn to ride motorcycles and scooters though. Along with learning strict laws, rules, and codes, also comes learning a new set of skills. Motoden in London is offering single day riding courses. These classes are offered seven days a week. They cost around £130.00 to £140.00 and will provide you with all that you need to start riding.

To begin learning how to ride a scooter:

– You must have a successful car test

* Those who have successfully had a car test later than February 2013 may ride on a 49cc moped and also have a passenger.

* There is no requirement for L plates

* You must not go over 30 mph

A 16-year old with a provisional license who has successfully passed a CBT can ride any safe motorcycle or 49cc scooter. However, there will be restrictions from motorways, passengers will not be allowed, L Plates must be displayed, and the maximum speed will be 30mph.

New Riders Will Need A Compulsory Basic Training Class or CBT

For anyone who wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle, the rules will be a little different. The CBT will be required, and you will have to have a provisional license or a UK driver’s license. Anyone over the age of 17 will be able to ride a motorcycle up to 125cc or a scooter, but will be forbidden from motorways. They must also not carry passengers and will need L Plates. This entitlement is for two years.

If you have already passed a car test after the month of February in 2013, you may take a CBT class. This will allow you to operate a scooter or a restricted 49cc motorcycle. You can carry a passenger, and there will be no requirement for L plates.

There are many strict rules and regulations for riding motorcycles and scooters. Also, there are three more important elements that are needed to become qualified for riding a scooter or motorcycle without L plates and restrictions. You must complete these elements before the two year period of your CBT has run out its limit. These requirements are as followed:

* A Motorcycle Theory Test

* A Practical Module One Test

* A Practical Module Two Test

If you are interested in starting to learn how to ride motorcycles or scooters, you will need to know that these machines are powerful and will leave the rider vulnerable in traffic. The strict regulations and rules are made to keep the operator of the two-wheeled vehicle as safe as possible. Although there is great freedom in riding the open roads on a scooter or motorcycle, there is also great responsibility. As you enjoy riding your bike, your education and training will serve you well. Motoden will be there to guide you through the process to make sure that you finish all of your qualifications so that you can ride safe and legally.

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