Used Cars

Why You Should Go For A Used Car

You have fancied a new car and have seen television advertisement for it multiple times pertaining to  car. But when you don’t have the budget right for your dream car, what do you do? That’s easy; you simply go for mike’s auto sales in salinas. You get the car of your dreams simply at your limited budget. There are many reasons why you should go for a used car when you plan to buy a car for yourself. You can even get your dream car for half the original rate with not burning a hole in your pocket.

Saving money:

When you take in an average, used cars are over 50% lesser than their original price. You will be able to pay off the price for a used car faster and save a lot of financial value. At mike’s auto sales in Salinas you will get the car at a considerable price and at a good condition. On an average consumers change their car for once in six years. When you pay half the price for a used car, you can save the rest for buying another car in the coming years with the saved up money.

No fees exaggerated:

When you look at the price of a new car, it might look great and appealing, but a new car has the hidden fees like shipping charges, dealer fees and destination fees. There are many new cars that that include fees such as advertisement fees.  A used car does not have any hidden fee included in the pricing.

Low customization fee:

When you buy a used car you don’t have to pay for the extra add-ons like the advertisement or the dealership. You can use that money for putting together something you want in your new car.

Certified and inspected:

At mike’s auto sales in Salinas you can get used cars with no worry legally. The cars sold here are of good quality and thoroughly inspected. The cars are certified and refurbished by the manufacturer or other equally certifiable authority assuring that the vehicle is in a good quality. Some vehicles that are certified often have extended warranty, financial specialties and other benefits.


Most used cars have parts left from their original warranties. In case of other used cars, they have the benefit of creating a new warranty. This extended warranty allows you to avail the benefit of getting your car serviced by the manufacturer and by factory-trained experts who will repair your car with the original parts and speedy service. Besides you can use savings you have from buying a used car and use it to buy a warranty that covers another 100,000 miles or more.

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