What to Look For In a Car Wash

go to a car wash

You may have heard it said that the way a car looks is a reflection of the owner. When you keep your car looking like new, you’ll likely feel more confident when driving. Finding a great car wash can maintain the look of your car, inside and out. Here are a few things to look for when you’re deciding when car wash will get your business.

Up-To-Date Equipment

Whether you go to a car wash that is automatic or you have to wash the car manually, make sure the facility has modern equipment. If you want a car wash that useless touchless animation, there’s a good chance you can get a good clean without hassle. However, if the equipment is old and worn out, your car could come out scratched or damaged. You should also know which ingredients are being used in the soap and detergents. Some chemicals are harsh on car paint and could cause rust and take away your car’s shiny coat. The drying materials used in car washes should also be free of granules that can scratch the car’s exterior.

Stay Dry

You may be tempted to simply drive the car to dry it after washing. However, this can leave streaks of detergent on your car. Debris and particles in the air can also mix with the water on your car and damage the paint. Choose a car wash with Stay Dry to ensure that your car is dry and your paint is intact after the wash. If you’re using a manual carwash, use a microfiber towel to dry your car once it’s washed.

A Clean Facility

If you drive up the car wash and see that there is litter on the ground or dirt on the equipment, chances are your car won’t be as clean as you want. Check the vacuum hoses to see that they are clean and stored properly. Look at the trashcans at the facility and check to see if someone empties them regularly. If these small issues aren’t taken care of, there’s a good chance your car won’t be taken care of either.

go to a car washCheck For Tire Shine 

Even though the exterior of your car may be squeaky clean, the overall look could be ruined if your tires aren’t shiny. You’ll likely pay a higher price for this service, but it’s worth it. A minute or two after you drive through the car wash, Tire Shine should be applied to the slings of your tires. Just make sure the attendant doesn’t get any on the car’s paint.

Do An Inspection

After your car has been washed, pull over and check it out. Most car enthusiasts say that if you go to a quality tunnel wash, you’ll be about 80% satisfied with the results. Check to ensure there is no soap residue and whether your car is dry. Look at the windshields and windows. Check to make sure your tires look great. Inspect the front bumper to ensure there are no bugs or debris. If the car wash passes the test, you’ve found a new place to maintain the pride you have in your vehicle.

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