What Is Included in Hyundai Ioniq Project

With every passing day, we can see our urban life becoming complexall the more and more. Although the means of transportation was meant to reduce the burden of daily life, over a period of time, transportation itself became a burden on urban lifestyle posing issues like traffic jam, hike in the petrol price and excessive environmental pollution. Even though these issues didn’t affect the automotive industry even by an inch, it has really affected human lives. The leading automotive manufacturers however realized the issue and some of them really paid heed to the cry of the situation. One among the list of those brand names is Hyundai.

Freedom of Mobility

The project will be pivotal on the optimum usage of energy that will in turn help the vehicle from burdening the environment with harmful emissions. Hyundai see this curse of emissions also as a  restriction to mobility and henceforth aims to limit this by preparing everything that will make the future mobility freedom in its true sense. This concept of “Freedom of Mobility” led Hyundai to finalize into taking up a task of detoxifying the environment by producing vehicles that will set free the transportation commutes from making lives constricted by pollution, accidents and consumption of the already scarce fuel. So what exactly is the idea that worked behind the Hyundai initiation of a project like “freedom of mobility”?  When asked, the experts at the Petaluma Hyundai were more than happy to explain the concept that was inspiring enough to be shared with you all.

Explaining Freedom of Mobility

Moving the focus from driving fast or making a strong impression of wealth to the passer by or to the neighbors, to realize where we stand at the moment in the perspective of real life situation, Hyundai planned to pomote their “Freedom of Mobility” concept in terms of producing energy efficient electric cars that will run on renewable energy and leave significantly lesser amount of harmful emissions. Hyundai named this brand initiative as IONIQ Project.

Hyundai has already become familiar because of launching a smart car that really made a significant difference in the way we take transportation even now. but because of other troubles encircling the automotive industry, the smart car from Hyundai is yet not being able to establish its smart moves.

Constricting Factors of Transportation

The factors that are restricting the freedom of our movements include the risk of car accidents, the time killing traffic jams, and the burden on the drivers to avoid both of these. “Project IONIQ” from Hyundai is therefore an initiative to open a wider gate of options to an era in which people will no longer have to grind under these constricting factors of transportation and can reach their destinations effortlessly.

The Bottom Line

The Petaluma Hyundai dealership experts were also proud to announce that this project IONIQ is expanding with more number of features and enhanced capabilities. The project continues to provide the ease of transportation following which anyone can enjoy the freedom of mobility, anywhere,anytime.

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