What Features Should be There in a Fleet Management Software

fleet management software

With so many fleet management software available in India, finding the perfect one seems like looking for a needle in a haystack. But no fleet management software is perfect all by itself, it has to have features that your business needs to grow.

Many fleet management solutions on the market currently have a lot of features to show and make them lead, but there are a few key features you should look for, along with some features which should be chosen solely on the basis of your business type.

Here are a few features you SHOULD NOT miss out on:

Customization: Customization is key in the fleet management business. You need to be able to set your alerts (which we’ll be addressing down below) in accordance to your needs and preferences. Maybe you’d prefer to get app notifications or mails in case of any alert, and you need to be able to change and customise features which suit your needs. For example if you are in construction business you will need Geofencing feature for your tipper trucks management.

Real Time Tracking: One of the major reasons of adopting fleet management solutions is to be able to accurately keep track of your vehicles from anywhere in the world. If there’s no real time tracking, this purpose gets defeated, and so does the main point of getting a software: Being able to track your vehicles to increase efficiency. After all, if you’re not able to track your vehicles from time to time, what problem does the software resolve?

fleet management software

Easy and Quick to Learn: Many fleet management solutions sometimes may require employees and drivers to be able to operate the GPS fleet tracking system, in case of emergencies. At a point like that, they would need to have the basic knowledge of how the software works, and not many people would be able to learn the workings of a complicated GPS fleet tracking system.

Fuel Management: This is itself is a very wide option, and leaves room for a lot of complex, but useful opportunities. From alerting you when there is unauthorized removal of fuel from the tank, to calculating the ideal amount of fuel which should have been spent during a trip (And sometimes even comparing it to check for any kind of required servicing), these features are necessary.

An efficient alerting system: Contrary to popular belief, fleet management solutions do much more than just managing fuel and tracking your vehicles. Most systems also have an alerting feature, which allows the owner to get alerts for speeding, fuel removal and more. These alerts can be customized on the basis of a certain employee, or a certain destination.

Here are a few fleet management software features you could do without, on the basis of your business functionality:

  •     Business Intelligence
  •     Route Optimization
  •     Rental Vehicle Management
  •     Traffic Fine Reports
  •     Centralized Vendor System
  •     Barcode Printing and Scanning
  •     Repair History Reports
  •     Software Compatibility

Do keep in mind, that these features shouldn’t define your method of business, and a mixture of too many features would defeat your purpose of trying to simplify your work. Choose your features and your fleet management software on the basis of your business, and you’re good to go!

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