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Volkswagen Passat Service Schedule

Car maintenance is one of the most important ways of keeping a car in a good condition. Volkswagen Passat requires a considerable care which requires following certain procedures to ensure that you enjoy it for a long time.

Let us look at the services that need to be done on Volkswagen Passat in ensuring it is performing as it is designed. Please note that these checks should be done after the first 10,000 miles covered by the Volkswagen Passat. This is because after this mileage most of the car components are then prone to becoming damaged.


One of the most important thing in your Volkswagen Passat that ensures the proper functioning of the car is the engine. For this reason, it is very important to carry out regular servicing and maintenance on the engine. After the first 10,000 miles, you should change the engine oil and oil filter. This is to ensure efficient performance of the engine.

Brakes & Brake Pads

Another component of the vehicle that requires scheduled maintenance are the break and brake pads. The brake system is likely to wear and tear after the first 10,000 miles. You should inspect the brake system and shock absorber to see if there are leakages.

What’s more, the brake pad loses its thickness and corrodes over time. In order to ensure that the brake pads are still in its working condition, check for the thickness of the brakes. Also, check the disc condition and decide if it is subjected to corrosion.

Engine Compartment Components

Check for damage to the engine compartment components. Inspect if there are any leaks in these components and fix immediately. You should also check the transmission, drive shaft boots, and final drive.


The coolant is a vital component of the Volkswagen Passat. It is responsible for keeping the engine cool while it runs. Inspect the coolant level and refill if the level drops above the recommended level.

Dust and Pollen Filter

Over time especially after the 10,000 miles coverage, the filter is likely to become blocked and may be unable to filter efficiently anymore. Check the dust and pollen filter and remove dust and particles that have collected. Replace them if found in a bad condition.


Check the lighting components for adjustments. These lighting components include turn signals, front and rear lights, and more.

Exhaust System

Check the exhaust system for leaks. Possible damages to this system should also be examined.


Keep the body clean as this would minimize the deteriorating effect of the grimes on the body of the Volkswagen Passat. This would prolong the appealing looks of the car.


Inflate the tire at the recommended inflation pressure. The tire should be changed regardless of the number of mileage covered.

There you have it! It is important that the maintenance schedule is carried out by a Volkswagen maintenance service. Ensure that you adhere to a regular maintenance schedule to make sure that your Volkswagen Passat is in a perfect shape.

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