Transport Options for the Urban Dweller

If you live in the city, it is often quicker and more convenient to use public transport, and apart from the odd day trip, the car just sits in the garage collecting dust. The local shop is but a few minutes cycle away, which negates the need for the car, and what with the expense of running and maintaining the vehicle, it makes sense to sell it and rent a car on the odd occasion you need one.

Cheap Car Hire

The only way you can make this system affordable is to source a reliable car rental company that doesn’t charge the Earth so look at some online car rental companies to check their prices before purchasing. The car rental industry has really become competitive, and while some charge a lot, others are price focused, and if they have the right leasing agreements, their costs are very much lower.

Freedom and Flexibility

Once you have found a reliable car hire company, you know that you have a vehicle at very short notice, and in the event you require a car, simply call or login to their website and make the booking. The garage space will be welcome now that you have sold the car, and the extra money could be spent on home improvements, or you could buy decent bicycles for the whole family.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Using your bike or walking will certainly be healthier, and the public transport system is a great way to move around the city, and with taxis available everywhere, you do have a few travel options to choose from. Cheap car rental is available in Perth and they will have a variety of vehicles to choose from that is suitable for your trip.


Some motorists scoff at the many cyclists they see on the roads today, yet cycling not only is a healthier alternative to driving, it doesn’t take long to clock up the miles, and by taking a set of clothes in a small backpack, you can change once you arrive at work. The money you will save by cycling to work will make the experience worthwhile, and the health benefits are the icing on the cake. Weekends can be spent on family biking tours, and the whole family will benefit in many ways.

Social Occasions

Perhaps you and your partner are going to the theatre or are planning a special anniversary dinner, and renting a car for the day might be the answer. This gives you the freedom to be able to visit other places, and if you fancy a drink, you can always go for a taxi.

The car is a convenient asset to have, but when you factor in all of the costs, it might be cheaper to rent a car on the odd occasion you need one. There are cheap car rental companies that make this concept affordable, and with no more running costs, the family budget will look much healthier.

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