Tips for increasing the life of your favorite car

Your car is one of the most valuable possessions of your life. It is just like your baby. There are several things you can do for increasing the life of your car. You do not need to be a professional or an expert for making sure that your vehicle runs safely and smoothly. Just like a mother know what’s best for her baby you know what is best for your car. You drive it daily and therefore, if anything is wrong with it, only you can tell. Taking proper care will also save you from making big investments as a result of major damages. Moreover, if you ever think about selling it to buy a new model, nobody will pay you if your car is in poor condition.

Car maintenance is not as difficult as you expect it to be. Follow these maintenance tips for best results:

  1. Service it on time- Have you ever looked at the owner’s manual of your car. There you’ll come to know how long your vehicle can give you best service. You’ll also find advices for taking good care of your card. Following these suggestions will help your car perform for a long time.
  2. Protect the car’s front- If you are a consistent driver, small stones and insects can damage your car’s bumper and grille. Prevention is always better than cure. So, before going on a trip, apply transparent tape on your car’s front to keep it safe from such damages.
  3. Polishing is a must- Insect remains, bird droppings, and sunlight damage the shine of the paint. You can apply polish after 4 or 5 months to protect your car’s paint. The reason is that if you have to paint the entire car, it is going to cost you a lot of money.
  4. Keep it clean- Take help of a high or medium pressure jet for washing out dirt from corners of your car where your hand fails to reach. Also, take your car to a professional washer once in a while to keep your car clean. Remember that accumulated dirt causes rusting.
  5. Give the engine what it needs- The car’s engine needs engine oil. You need to keep checking the engine oil frequently. The level should always be high. If there is not sufficient engine oil, it can cause damage to the engine.
  6. Avoid too many short trips- Short trips are not good for the engines of the car. They also shorten the muffler’s life. So, if possible, don’t take your car out each time you need to go to the departmental store or to drop your kids to the bus stop. Walk or take your bike if you will travel a short distance.
  7. Be gentle while you change gears- When you change gears, be as gentle as possible. Do not rest your left foot on the car’s clutch as it can damage the clutch plate of the car.

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