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Some people believe that Living with family, having a reasonable job and a normal house is the basic asset which can bring happiness. Some believe that luxurious cars, a yacht on the beach and ultra-luxurious house is what could define you. No matter whatever you believe, the car is definitely what defines you.

Business personnel will look for a car which is going to make your appearance rich and exquisite. He will look for some expensive brands like BMW, AUDI Which could cost you 100.000$ for more information about car visit Could this car help him in gaining prestige and business? Yes. Cars define people and if the person gets the car according to his style, his appearance then definitely it can work good for you.

Like a middle class person will go for a car which could take care of his travel with family with ease and in budget. He will not go for some expensive car, not only because that is expensive but also because that is what he has been working on, that is what he is all about.  A middle class person can`t never be adjusted to luxurious cars until he has some ability in that regard or innate skill for It.

That is what my point is all about., A car is what defines you and the person can reflect, how he is and what he likes.

Let me tell you by an example. A businessman was going to a party in which the best business man`s and also the president of the country is present. He will not go in some family car which is bought by middle class people. He will go in the car which is more of a luxurious one. Some car which is classy not cheesy. A car like AUDI, BMW and so on. Why? not because he is rich but because that is the car a classy person takes to a party where the elite is present. He wants to represent himself as classy, as ethical.

Now let`s assume a middle class person wants to go to picnic. What type of car he will take there? Every person in the world knows that a car which could accommodate all his family member. Now you all will ask that if that middle class person gets rich and then wants to take his family to picnic, then what car he will take? I will answer that by saying that even then he will take a car which could accommodate his family but in an ethical or prestigious way, Like, we see that rich people take their 6,8 seater cars which are not cheap to picnic. Because they know that even if they have a big family which needs a family car could be accommodated in a luxurious family car which are easily available in the market.

Because they know that they are rich and now their car defines them and if they will take some cheesy, tacky car to picnic then they will lose their image.

So we have seen that no matter you are rich or poor, your car defines your personality and it has a role in your life.

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