Reasons Why Your Car is Your Best Friend

Fortunate are people who have friends they can count and who can stand beside them through every thick and thin. Then there are those, who have no one to understand them and they are left to wander on their own, alone.

But if you think, you are from the latter category think again, better take a look at your garage. You will find your standing your parked there which has been there for you, always.

Your car has been your partner in crime

Your car is your partner in crime, wouldn’t you say so? It is because whenever you felt you were at a low point in your life, you took your ride out and went for a long drive. It was beside when you decided to visit a sunset point while you sat and enjoyed the view.

It was even by your side when you visited a place full of people by helping you get there and thus, you made new friends. Did you think of it like this before? I doubt it very much! So while you’ve been keeping busy, your car waited on you outside.

Your car is your non-judgmental friend

Your friends will judge for what you wear, eat or how you look. Come on! Let’s be honest, we all have such friends. However, your car exporters in Japan will never judge for the way or who you are.

Firstly, because it is a non-living thing (that much is obvious) and secondly, it continues to serve you no matter how you treat her or drive, without questioning your ability to drive.

The only friend (which will) to forget and forgive

Even if your rash driving leads to a dent or scratch, it will never complain say by not starting unless there is of course a problem with your ignition/engine. Rather it forgives you. You can at your absolute best or worst, your car has learned to move on and it will.

If it is mechanically operating at its finest, it will never ask you for anything instead will continue to give the performance which is expected of it. Such friends are hard to come by these days.

Your car is the most dependable aide

Imagine it is your birthday party or your wedding day or you are visiting your parents, who is ready to take you places, your car. Has it ever let you down, I hope. Mine certainly hasn’t.

The best part is about the memories you and your car has made over the years. Your experiences could have been rough as well as pleasant when you will look back at your friendship with the car. But still it was the only pal you had which saw you fall in love, laugh with joy and cry in sorrow.

Disclaimer: the car cannot replace human relations (nothing really can), it is just a satirical take on how car can be considered your best companion that you can rely on every time as we have shown above with examples.

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