Reasons Why Your Car Engine Might Fail

All ready for the trip and your engine is not responding. Unless it starts, you are not going by it. Frustrating, isn’t it? That’s what the engine is to your car. Even a repair or replacementof your engine can cost you thousands of dollars. But there are simple ways of taking care of your car as well as the engine to make it start smooth and run the way it should.

Here are some common mistakes we commit which become the reasons behind the failure of your car engine.

  1. Neglecting the Oil Changes

Oil works as the lifeblood for the engines. By not changing it in regular intervals or as per the manufacturer’s recommendation would spoil the engine over time. Moreover the oil you use after changingshould bethe type that is compatible with your engine, says the experts when we asked the best Lakeside Lexus dealer.

  1. Ignoring Oil Leaks

If there is any event of oil leaks, especially if it is heavy, the most damaging thing would be ignoring it. The oil leaks lead to a loss of lubrication to the metal parts of the engine, that causes internal tolerance wear problems and can suffer premature failure.Other damages that causes out of oil leaking from the engine is the deterioration to the suspension bushings, rubber engine mounts and even the steering components.

  1. Ignoring the Signals of the Engine Oil Light

Your car is having a light indicator for almost everything. If there is an engine damage, there is a light that comes on. The reasons behind the light coming on might be when the oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter needs a replacement.Ignoring these light indications could be fatal.

  1. Ignoring the Cooling System

All the car manufacturers would advise you to flush off your engine coolant in the interval of every three years or when your car has covered 30,000 miles, the preference should be the one that comes first. An overheated engine is indicative of your car going low in coolant. It would be life threatening if you drive an overheated car, as by doing this you are risking the life of the engine.

Even a blockage in the cooling system, or a loss of coolant it can fail the electrical cooling fans and that can be another cause behind the overheating. In such case take your car immediately to a mechanic or refill the coolant immediately.

  1. Flooding your Engine

As per some experts of the Lexus dealer serving Lakeside, sometimes one of the causes of engine failure might be driving through a standing water body or through a heavy rainstorm, especially if the air intake has been modified. The intake supplies the air and fuel mixture to the engine. If there is a chance of water passing through it, it can cause the piston rods bend and the water mightfind its way to the combustion chamber near the spark plug, damaging the ignition process and prevent the engine from kicking in.

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