Know The Types Of Transmission Coolers Available

Our vehicles help us in reaching to our destination faster, transportation of our goods or products from one place to the other and also provide us with life-saving services like the ambulance, fire brigade trucks. Now, for our vehicle to perform all these task it is necessary to keep the engine cool using the transmission coolers.

Whether in heavy traffic or carrying heavy loaded products at these heavy duty times it is necessary to keep our vehicle engine cool with the help of these transmission cooler. So it is our option how to select the best cooler for our vehicle like the size of the cooler, its cooling capacity.

Temperature of the transmission fluid

The main objective of using the transmission cooler is to cool the flowing fluid. The transmission cooler is mostly planted in all the vehicles in the radiator. The fluid is warmed up to a certain temperature because of the presence of the cooler.

When this happens it does not allow the cooler inside the radiator to complete its process of cooling. This is all because of the hot coolant outside the cooler. Now to control these issue we need to plant one external cooler in between the bridge that connects to the factory unit. Now when fluid is passed through, it is being heated first and later it passes through the external cooler which cools the fluid before the transmission.

Types of Cooler

  • Tube and fin coolers- This cooler consists of tube that is in a winding condition and it is actually emerged with the cooler. This tube helps in the flow of the fluid freely and the fins on the outside surface helps in the cooling of the fluid.
  • Plate & fin coolers- They are actually quite large in size in comparison with the tube & fin coolers. They are actually in a row form and these rows are the plates. Now the transmission fluid is passed through this plates to get the effective cooling for the fluid. Hence they provide even further better cooling process than tube & fin coolers.
  • Stacked plate coolers-This type of coolers are considered as the best coolers with great cooling efficiency in comparison to the other two coolers. Here the fluid is passed through the stacked cooling plates that helps in the cooling effect of the fluid. This coolers consists of large turbulators that helps in good air flow that also helps on further cooling.

In conclusion, these type of coolers are used when you have to run your vehicles for long time, also during very hot climatic conditions, during carrying heavy loads goods for transportation. During all these aspects, it is important to use this coolers for the long life and long service of your vehicle.

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