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Is 2017 G80 Still worth Buying?

The Genesis G80 which the rebadged Hyundai Genesis is the Korean carmakers luxury flagship that’s marked to create a never before niche for this brand. The 2017 Genesis G80 comes with a superb base engine, loaded base equipment an available All-wheel drive and active safety standards. Very soon the 2018 model was launched with sometechnological enhancements and a new sports edition keeping in tune with rivals in this range with a twin turbocharged 3.8-liter V6, only a slight upgrade from the 311-horsepower, 3.8-liter V-6 on this G80. With this, you might wonder if its still worth going in for the 2017 G80 when there are newer versions around. Considering the factor the Riverside County Genesis dealer experts say that the 2017 G80 has topped all federal and IIHS testing, it still might be a good buy.

Style Aspects

The 2017 G80 borrows styling to some extent from some top-notch players like BMW and sometimes even an Audi, but gracefully so, such that it adds crispy character lines and a subtle rear line that’s more Genesis like. Though the 2018 release is in itself quite handsome in style, the 2017 has a slightly lower, closer to the road profile that make its classier in appearance and might make you look better while you get off the vehicle just to add some sophistication. Other than the Sport trims in the 2018 G80 lineup which has added some copper accents in the fascia, no other trims have changed anything much from the 2017 G80.


The 2017 G80 is primarily a luxury sedan that’s spacious for the passengers in the front and back as well with lots of room and leg space. Amazingly, the front seats can be aligned in 12 different ways with the 4-way lumbar adjustments. Heating and ventilation is standard for front seats and is available as an option in All-wheel drive versions for the back seats, a feature that’s only optional in close competitors in this range. The spacious cabin compromises only minutely in cargo space of about 15.3 cubic ft., which is not too much to ask for when you are being pampered with all this luxury, and this is almost unchanged in the 2018 G80. When it comes to comfort, the 2018 is pretty much still unchanged form the 2017 G80 which is why its still remains a relevant choice.


The 2017 G80 is available in both a spirited 3.6-liter V6 and a devastatingly powerful V8 with all this power delivered through an amazing 8-speed transmission and an All-wheel drive available only on the smaller V6. The V6 churns out 311 horsepower and 293 pounds per feet of torque which is quite substantial and the V8 with 420 horsepower and 383 Lb-ft of torque seems unnecessary when you are already ahead of everyone else in the competition. According to the Genesis dealership the same V6 is adopted without much ado in the 2018 versions and with available turbocharged options in other trims, leaving the 2017 G80 with the original naturally aspirated engine the best option.

With most of the options remaining unchanged, the only factor one would want to consider is the price. So if you are able to get a good bargain on the 2017 G80 you might very well want to consider it over the 2018 releases.

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