Intensive Driving Crash Course – The Pros and Cons

The first thing you think about when you hear the words “I’m going to sign up with SpeedyTests and then find a driving crash course” is ‘quick and easy’. While it may be quick, it certainly isn’t easy. Doing a crash-learning course isn’t easy for the same reason doing a crash course in microbiology isn’t easy. You can’t retain memory of intensive courses well when spread through a short space of time. The learning process is gradual, people learn by doing, and so doing a week of driving does not make you a Formula 1 racing driver by any standard. If this puts you off taking a crash course then perhaps it isn’t for you.


Let’s start with the cons. The first problem you may face with an intensive crash-driving course is lack of road experience before you sit your test. Human beings are unpredictable at the best of times. However, when they’re in a two ton metal monster safety is very important. Learning things like how many times to check your mirrors, how to check your car before you get in etc. can be the cause of problems in your test. If you’re incapable of judging what somebody on the road is going to do, you’re going to lose marks in your driving test.

It’s expensive. Doing a crash course can cost a fair amount of money, they promise to make you ready for your test within a week to a fortnight and sometimes you’ll fail the first time you sit the test. Okay, so they make a fair promise, and you are expected to pay for that, but does it really help to cram months of learning into a week or two?

Intensive driving courses are NOT always for beginners. You may be sold the idea of doing an intensive crash-driving course from day 1. The people selling these courses want to fully book them. Of course, they’re going to tell you it’s for you. These courses are best for more experienced learner drivers. Drivers who’ve had the time to learn to drive in the dark or in the rain comfortably.


Well let’s end this on a light note. The pros of doing a crash driving course are just as important as the cons.

The first pro is that the process is very quick and you can take your driving test within a week to two weeks. This is good for anyone who might require a driving license quickly. This might be for work reasons, or perhaps you need to travel somewhere, or maybe you just want a form of ID that isn’t your passport when you go out.

One off fee. This is another great pro, you’ll be able to pay a once off fee to settle the theory test date, lessons and practical test date.

No worry about the Administrative paperwork, you don’t have to do any of this. Just give your information to the centre or driving school and they fill out all the papers for you.

Although an intensive crash driving course is more advisable for people with a little experience behind the wheel, the lack of experience gained during a crash course can easily be picked up later. After passing your test, if you’re determined and diligent you will become more confident on the road.


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