Infotainment Features in Chevrolet Models

The lineup of Chevys is more than impressive as ever this year with an amazing display of vehicles in every segment replete with features, power, performance, safety, comfort, innovation, technology and infotainment. Apple Valley Chevy dealer had some awesome Chevy’s on display that features some of the most interesting and well-equipped infotainment systems that supply vehicle information and keep you entertained at the same time to give you a good ride experience. They incorporate safety tools, visual feeds, connectivity options, security systems, navigation smartphone access and a horde of other items you can access using the touchscreen, trackpads and even voice. Presented below are details of some infotainment features in 2019 Chevrolet models.

OnStar Navigation

Almost all Chevy Infotainment systems come with support for OnStar Navigation where you can search for directions to your required destination. You then receive voice guided turn-by-turn navigation and on-screen prompts to assist you in reaching your selected destination. When you have the Chevrolet Infotainment System 3 Plus or Premium you get an advanced and embedded voice recognition system that can quickly provide information on fuel points, places of interest on your route, food junctions and other useful locations.

Smartphone Integration

You can use the standard and sometimes available options of Apple Car Play and Android auto with the Chevrolets Infotainment Systems to access your favorite apps and tools of your compatible smartphone through the touchscreen display. You get access to your maps, music and messaging on the go and access these through voice commands without taking you hands off the steering and focus off the road.


This is delivered through 4G LTE that requires an active service provider subscription. The Wi-Fi enabled system gives internet access for up to 7 passengers.

Chevrolet Apps

Chevy’s infotainment systems come with some really cool apps that provide you with a wide range of entertainment options that give you access to music, audiobooks, weather information and so on.

myChevrolet Mobile App

This is an available feature on most Chevy’s infotainment systems that can provide you control over various features of your vehicle through your smartphone. Install the app and you get controls that allow you to start / stop your engine, open / close doors among others. Of course, to enable this, your engines and door locks should come factory-fitted with specs that support remote access. Some of the advanced features include Remote Vehicle Location and management features such as scheduling your services, managing Wi-Fi access, checking vehicle status, tire pressure, fuel range, setting a destination and others. Some features here might require a paid subscription to operate and even additional equipment.

Personalization and Profiles

This is a one of the best features you get and come as standard with the Infotainment System 3 and 3 Premium, as you can create multiple profiles and store selected personal settings independently in each profile. The friendly support staff at Apple Valley Chevy were kind enough to show us how this work by creating separate profiles to store different sets of radio stations, say some that play music and some that feature news and discussions, so you can switch over to a different profile based on your mood and need.

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