How To Test A Used Car Before Buying It

You might have your mind set on buying a used car. Whether you are buying one of these cars for the first time, or you have done it many times before, you should always test the car before you buy.

Why Should You Test The Car?

You should test the car to make sure that everything is working correctly and that you are comfortable whilst you are driving.

There are several ways that you can test the car.

Check That The Horn Is Working

The horn on the car bought from used car dealers in Sydney is going to alert other motorists and pedestrians when you are near them. You should test that the horn is working before you decide to buy the car. The horn should be loud enough to be heard at a distance over the noise of traffic.

Check That The Indicators Are Working

You need the indicators when you are turning because this will allow other motorists the time that they need to slow down or to stop in order to let you turn safely. The indicators should blink at a consistent rate in order to be the most effective.

Check That The Locks Are Working

You want to make sure that your car is completely secure. This means that all of the locks on the used car should respond to the electronic key chain. You should also be able to lock the doors and the boot manually.

Check That The Engine Is Running Smoothly

The engine needs to be running smoothly so that the car is going to start without any issues and then the car will move correctly. Listen to the sound of the engine when you are on your test drive. This will tell you whether you should purchase the car or look for another one.

Check That The Windscreen Wipers Are Working Properly

The windscreen wipers will be able to deal with rain when it starts to beat down. You should test that the windscreen wipers are moving smoothly over the surface of the glass without dragging or catching.

Check That The Brakes Are Working Correctly

When you need to slow down, pressing on the brakes is going to allow you to do this. The brakes on the used car should be extremely responsive and they will allow you to stop at short notice. This is probably the most important part of the car, so you should not miss out on the chance to test the brakes.

Check That The Steering Is True

The steering of the car should be true so that you can maintain your line as you are driving. This is also going to be important when you are going around any type of corner.


You should be prepared to take your time when you are testing a car. Make sure that you ask the dealership a lot of questions about the car that you want to purchase. If you cannot remember all the key points, bring a paper checklist with you to the dealership.

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