How To Check Tread Depth of Your Tyres

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The essential contact between a vehicle and road is made through tyres. As you drive it’s the tread that grips the road and if that connection is not strong, then your vehicle loses traction and it results in extended braking. Before finding out how to check the tread depth, it’s important to understand what exactly is tread.

What is Tread?

In layman terms, tread is basically the rubber on tyres that makes contact with the road. The average tread depth of all new tyres is around 8mm to 9mm. It reduces as you drive and anything below 1.6mm is dangerous due to reduced road grip. These tyres are not safe for driving and need to be replaced with new tyres. There are plenty of online tyre buying options for UAE residents that includes trusted names like Dubai Tyre Shop. 

Tread Wear Indicators

All tyres have tread wear indicator bars. Evenly spaced in the tread grooves of tyres, they look like raised bumps of rubber. If these bars are flushed and reach the level of the walls of the tread, then it is time to change your tyres. Although the wear indicators can provide a quick visual indication, there is another effective and simple way of checking the tread depth. Take a coin and place it between your thumb and finger. Insert its edge in the gaps across the tread, at multiple points. The rim of a 20mm coin is approximately 3mm deep, so if the height of the tread does not reach past this mark then it is a clear sign that you need to replace your tyres.

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A Tyre Tread Depth Gauge

A simple and handy tool, if you have it at home then you can easily check the tread depth yourself. Insert its probe bar into the tyre’s groove and maintain stability by pushing the shoulders flush with the tread. The gauge will show a measurement and anything below 1.6mm requires a change. The depth of tyre tread is very important for safety. If you are not confident about checking it yourself, then take your car to a tyre shop and get expert technicians to check it for you. They can also offer a general assessment of the condition of your tyres. If their recommendation is to buy new tyres then Pearly Tyres is a good option.

These tyres come with four wide circumferential tread grooves along with lateral grooves that have fine sipes. This provides efficient water evacuation and outstanding wet performance. If you need help choosing your next set of tyres, visit and get an expert opinion from trained professionals.

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