Haggling to buy a used car


Haggling to some of us is second nature, no matter what we buy. However, it is a little complicated for others. When it comes to buying used cars in Carrollton, it gets more complicated because negotiating big prices isn’t the same as haggling for vegetables in your grocery store.

Purchasing a used car is a complicated process itself. Once you have settled on a car, the pricing comes up. This is where you can negotiate the price and bring it as down as possible. Follow the following steps in order to haggle the price to a reasonable level.

1- Homework

Learn about the car, model and make of your used car as much as possible. Know the price of new cars and used cars of the same. Calculate the depreciation that is likely and set a price in your mind for what you would like to pay for the car you are going to purchase.

2- Heading in

Haggling is normal when talking about the price of used cars in Carrollton, so don’t get too nervous about it. The key is to  maintain your cool and behave as though you know what you are talking about. If the seller knows that you are in command, he will definitely dampen down a little.

3- Don’t settle for more

If you show reluctance, you are likely to lose your call, so make sure to stay firm on your reduction.  Remember the price you have planned and try not to give in unless you want to give away that much more money.

4- Realistic prices

You can’t really hit a very low button when it comes to pricing. So go for a reasonable reduction and not an unrealistic rate that you know you can never achieve. The only reason a seller sells a car is because he wants the money. So while he will try to make maximum profit, you should be reasonable in your reduction to get some benefit out of it.

Used cars in Carrollton

5- Don’t get angry

Some sellers might not be the best negotiators but since you are on the giving end, make sure to be polite and calm. Getting angry will likely turn the seller hostile as well and he might not be willing to sell you the car at all.

6- Walk away

If the pricing is really not up to your calculation, walk away from the car. It won’t be the last car you are seeing and perhaps not even the best for the rate the seller is demanding.

It is important to remember that investing in a car, whether used or new is a huge financial expense for you, so never buy what you are not happy with.

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