Guide to Buying the Used Car – Know Your Options

When you’re looking to buy the used car, there’re certain questions that you must always ask to the seller to ensure that you get the good car deal. There’re a few good bargains to have out there, however, how will you know if a car you’re interested at will break down in just 5 mins of driving? You have had the good looking car and everything looks fine, however, are you sure if used cars in Phoenix will be the good deal for you? In order, to avoid getting ripped off, ensure that you ask seller the questions:

Have the good look of the car

It is very important that you check for the bumps, dents or any signs of rust as well as ensure that you point out anything that you find to the seller. You can check all locks are working and petrol cap fits rightly. Have a close look at the car engine & asked if it is changed at any way. You can check out that Vehicle Identification Number on a car matches one on Vehicle Registration Certificate, make sure you buy used cars in Phoenix after checking everything properly.

How many owners the car had?

Normally, the less car owners the better, suppose you are purchasing from an original car owner they can tell you the complete car’s history. Stay careful if the car owner is selling you after having a car for the short time – and ask them the reason why they’re selling it at the first place. Also, type of owner will indicate how this car is driven. Are you purchasing it from the woman or you are buying from a 20year old man?

How many miles the car has done?

Does this equate to 10,000 to 12,000 a year? Suppose it is higher, then be careful the car engine may have suffered a lot of wear & tear so try and haggle its price down.

Service History

Does that car have the full service history? You need to ask and see Service book & check out the records and ensure that every service is stamped by the garage.


Has car ever been involved at any accidents? You may check it by contacting the authorities as they have got the records of each car in the database

Sale Reason

Are you purchasing from the private seller or used car dealer? Suppose it is the private sale, then why is an owner selling? You need to ask them to stay honest as well as admit any kind of problems that car might have (oil leaks). You can ask seller if they are happy with their car.


What are the extras the car has? Like air conditioning, CD player, electric windows,  and more, so you can check out that they are working in good condition.

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