Excellent Hyundai Cars Available on Houston Highways

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With the cost of gas on the rise, many Houston residents are looking to fuel-conserving cars. Hyundai cars are relatively new to the United States market and have quickly become one of the most popular car choices. If you’re looking for a great Houston Hyundai car at a reasonable price, check out these Hyundai cars you’ll find on Houston roads.

Different types of Hyundai models

  1. The Hyundai Elantra

It boasts of an automatic transmission that features “Spintronic” technology. The car will automatically shift gears depending on different driving conditions, such as when you’re changing from one type of fuel to another or when you’re accelerating at low speeds (less than ten mph).

It has six airbags, a steel-reinforced body with extra strength in the doors, and a collapsible steering column to help protect drivers in an accident. This means that the car offers excellent safety features that can reduce your risk of injury during an accident.

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  1. The ix35

Hyundai’s compact SUV that’s great for cruising around town or driving up mountain roads. The exterior features an aggressive yet sleek design, while the interior features plush seats and all-encompassing technology through its “mortgage.”

  1. The ix55

Hyundai’s flagship SUV has plenty of room and tech features, including more than a dozen airbags, a rear-view camera, and blind spot detection. It also offers distinctive styling with its upper and lower grille lines.

  1. The Sonata

Hyundai’s offers three trim levels – including the base model with standard features like Bluetooth and cruise control. The premium trim level adds much-needed luxury with heated seats, satellite radio, class-exclusive navigation, and voice recognition systems. The Houston Hyundai hybrid model offers a mild hybrid drive system. Finally, the fully electric edition has zero emissions and immediate acceleration.

  1. The Santa Fe Sport

Hyundai’s compact SUV has plenty of technology features and stylish looks. Its interior features unique two-tone seats available in either black or brown, which matches well with the exterior.

  1. The Azura

It is a full-size sedan with plenty of space, technology features, and a sleek, modern design. It’s available in two trim levels: the base model features leather seats, Bluetooth capability, and satellite radio, including a navigation system, rear-view camera, voice recognition capabilities, and more.

  1. The Genesis

The Genesis is Hyundai’s top-of-the-line full-size SUV equipped with technology that helps keep drivers aware of potential dangers. Its safety features include blind spot detection, lane departure warning systems, intelligent cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and more. The hybrid model offers a mild hybrid drive system. Finally, the fully electric edition has zero emissions and immediate acceleration. The Genesis provides space for up to five passengers and offers a luxurious interior.


The Hyundai cars are known for their reasonable price and good quality. You can choose one of these Hyundai cars on Houston roads. It remains the fourth largest and is also the fastest growing automaker in the world and known for its fuel economy technologies that address many worldwide environmental concerns affecting automakers today. The company sells over 9 million vehicles globally.

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