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Essential factors to consider before buying a used car

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Depreciation of value in the global automobile industry has made buying a brand new quite challenging. Currently, due to this circumstance, many people have shifted to buying second-hand cars. Used Cars in Bakersfield is among the top car dealership that has been making a huge profit due to these changes.

Lately, many used car dealerships have emerged all across the world and each aim to get a top-dollar profit through buying and selling used vehicles. Therefore, you need to consider various factors before you purchase any used cars, or else you may end in severe loss. Below are several measures you need to look into:

Exterior side of the car

First and foremost, you need to consider the outside parts of the car. Find out if there are damaged areas that need repairs. Check whether the handles can open the door easily. Also, check whether you can spot any signs of rusts on the body. Find out if there signs of fluids running off the engine, especially when you start the engine.

If you noticed black liquid, just know that car has oil leakage, which is a critical issue. Additionally, if you spot a green liquid, it clearly indicates that the anti-freeze of that vehicle has been damaged. You can as well notice a pink-coloured fluid leakage which clearly shows the transmission line has been damaged.

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Once you’ve done with thorough inspection on the exterior part of the car, interior parts have sensitive parts you need to check properly. You can start with the mileage and confine whether it gives the appropriate information relating to the vehicle’s model year. Afterwards, check whether there are some damages on the ignition, frayed seats or obnoxious smell. You should also take that car for a road test to find out whether there are unnecessary problems or sounds.


Since you are a first-timer, your second-hand car may hide some issues that you will discover later. Other people that if they can’t witness that means isn’t a big issue. Definitely, it is wrong to ignore those small problems. In fact, it can be a big problem looming.

Another thing you must never forget is to the car records through the VIN of the vehicle. VIN of the car also reveals the car model. Additionally, VIN also provides the specific country the vehicle was manufactured from, car manufacturer, place and date where the car was assembled and the production number.

History Report

Once you’re done checking car’s VIN, request for vehicle’s history report and that you can on get from the dealer. The history report shows the details of the previous owner and any history of the accident.  Used Cars in Bakersfield has ensured every car has a history which will be useful for the buyer.

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