EHSS, Hong Kong: The EV-Charging at Home Subsidy Scheme

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With climate change affecting our environment for the worst, all the nations around the globe are coming together to curb pollution and carbon emissions. In the attempt to bring back the concept of sustainable development and address the issue of harmful gases emitted by the usage of fossil fuels, many countries have started to switch to using electric vehicles instead of those running on petrol or gas.

Due to this development, the concept and instalment of EV charger grant have been on the rise – especially in Asian countries where several nations have announced schemes to establish public and private charging ports for electric vehicles and other appliances to reduce the usage of gas or petrol-run vehicles. One such scheme is the EV-Charging at Home Subsidy Scheme or the EHSS Hong Kong has announced quite recently.

What is the EHSS scheme?

The EV-Charging at Home Subsidy Scheme or the ‘EHSS’ is a scheme where both government-owned and private companies come together to establish public EV charging ports for electrical run vehicles. These charging ports would be available for all the public as well as those living locally in the area.

In a nutshell, companies are proving such advanced infrastructure for private use as well; providing charging ports to individual families as well as whole apartment complexes if so desired by its occupants. Such investments are backed up by the guarantee of the government to reduce the carbon reduction of the nation collectively.

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Would EV chargers be available in all public places?

Currently, such infrastructure is still under construction; so, no, it is not yet available in all public spaces. However, it is estimated to be built in all public places soon for the convenience of the general population. Such chargers then would be able to be used for both indoor and outdoor parking of any electrically run vehicle.

Where can the EV chargers be built?

Currently, the aim of building EV chargers is only in public spaces. However, if one aims to get such a facility at their apartment complex or their very home too then they can contact the company building such infrastructure to schedule one to be built at their desired space as well.

Such an EV charging port can be made anywhere, let it be the apartment complex, government departments, petrol pumps, housing estates, commercial buildings, office areas, etc since it can be used for both indoor and outdoor parking and charging of the electric vehicle.


With the advancement of technology, humans are trying their best to reverse or at least decrease the harm their activities are causing to the environment. In such a journey, building public EV chargers for electrical vehicles plays a vital role in reducing carbon emissions caused to gas or petrol-run vehicles.

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