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Documents Required When Buying a Used Car

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Buying a second car involves a lot of perils. You have to ensure the condition of the car’s physical properties and the manner in which it operates. Aside from checking if the seller of the used car is not fake, you also have the documents to check whether the used car you are planning to buy is not a lemon. The following are some of the documents you have to check when buying used cars in Montclair.

CR or Certificate of Registration of the Vehicle

This is an official document from the Land Transportation Office. Certificate of Motor Vehicle Registration will serve as proof that the vehicle you have in mind has been registered. This can also validate that the car is clean and that it has no unsettled police report or any unpaid fines. However, you still need to check the document itself too. Make sure that it is not counterfeit. The model and year of the vehicle must be stated in the document including the vehicle’s color and other specifications. The chassis number of the vehicle must also be similar to what’s written on paper.

Beware if the word “encumbered” appears on the upper right section of the document. This means that the owner is not yet cleared from his financial obligations from the bank or the lending company. Ask for the Release of Chattel Mortgage if the vehicle had once been encumbered but had been settled.

Buy Used cars in Montclair

Original Receipt of Registration (OR)

The receipt will be given to the owner once the vehicle is registered. The details found in this document have to be consistent with the information on the Certificate of Vehicle Registration, e.g., date of registration. Same as the certificate, you also have to check the document’s validity at the LTO. Without valid OR and CR, you will be in grave danger when you buy the vehicle. You don’t want to bring home an illegal vehicle.

Original LTO-Issued Plate Number

It is important for the car you intend to buy to have the original LTO plate number. It needs to have the LTO sticker of the current year of registration. Check on cars that have new license plates and make sure that they are registered at the LTO. Through the plate number, you can also check on other important details about the car such as pending alarms, color, year of manufacture, make, last date of registration, and others. You can do this by simply asking the LTO.

Notarized Deed of Sale

Once you are decided to buy a car, you must have your Deed of Sale ready for you to be able to proceed with the transaction. It has to be notarized to strengthen its legality. Without it, the transaction will be considered not legally binding.

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