Detailed Analysis of the customer requirement

Fresno is a city in California. It is located in San Joacqin Valley area of California. In this area, there is a showroom called Clawson Honda. This place is different from all other showrooms0for all good reasons.  It is a family owned dealership that has been working in Fresno since the last 40 years. It has the ability to refine its processes to the fullest and to also exceed the customer’s needs by a great limit. The new car inventory of their Honda dealership is sure to impress people who come to visit it, more than anyone else. It offers brand new cars and also used cars, both at highly affordable rates, to suite the customers.  In second hand cars category, it offers 2 types, namely the ones which have been used and the others are the ones that are pre owned and can be booked. Professional auto services, extra fittings and financial help can all be offered at this showroom. It assures fast and efficient services so that the customer does not have to wait for too long and can get the best services as soon as possible. Services can also be scheduled online at any time of the day and in any way. Honda leading and financing is another field which they specialize in.

Things kept in mind

The Honda Fresno website offers the results through and after a very detailed analysis of what and when there is the requirement of the customer.

  • Body type- This is an important factor to be kept in mind while purchasing a car. The family size of the individual, that is the number of people in thefamily, decides the size of the car required. According to the body type, cars have 5 body types. These are coupe, which are the small cars, mid size SUV, passenger van, pickup and sedan.
  • Year- This determines the year in which the car was made or manufactures. This is also an important determinant of the car model. It ranges from 2010 to 2018.
  • Make- This is the company of the car. This can range from Honda, Chevrolet to Acura and BMW.
  • Model- As the name suggests, this signifies the moral which the customer needs to but according to his or her wish. These range from the Odyssey, Civic sedan and pilot to brands like Fit and Accord Sedan.
  • Price- This is the price range in which the cars are offered. The prices are termed in dollars. The beginning price that is the least price if the car is $0-$10000 and the highest price is up to $50000-$60000. Cars are available in nearly all of these range premises.

Other features such as the quality, colour, safety, hear and others should also be kept in mind while ordering a car.

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