Comparing the Latest Models of Lexus and Acura

Lexus and Acura both are luxury brands from the two most popular auto makers in the world, Toyota and Honda, respectively. The vehicles like Lexus and Acura can be described more as fancy versions based on Corollas and Accords but sharing many similar traits with a few advantages and disadvantages in both. Both meet the desired level of built and design what recent luxury vehicles should have, and both are equally reliable. Though there is no scope to talk about affordability, but the competition remains on what is offered at what cost.

From all the trim level models of Acura and Lexus, here is a brief note of comparison, based on the overall scores, ranks, the impressions left on the owners, drivers, the reviewers and what the Las Vegas Lexus dealers think about Acura.

Luxury Large Cars

Acura by default gets a win when it comes to presenting large luxury cars, as Lexus couldn’t make one to competition this sector.

The 2017 Acura RLX ranked high for producing the expected reliability and the score went higher because of the perfect safety features stored in it. The impression went still higher as it proved to be more fuel efficient than the similar vehicles in its class, and for securing a back seat with more than enough legroom. The chick interiors and sophisticated handling went on rating it higher than Lexus in all respect.

Sports Cars

Acura again takes an upper hand in the category of sports car with its 2017 Acura NSX model. It has thrown a direct challenge to the current F-series editions from Lexus that are quite spunky and have got nothing to stand beside the NSX as far the sports car design and an allied performance is expected. The hybrid system of the NSX does not merely stands strong for fuel economy, but also for the power boost received from the electric motors that highly improve the overall performance of the NSX. Then adds to all this, the V6 engine and the three electric motors that can produce 573 horsepower, to make a 60 mph from a direct standstill under three seconds.

Comparison on Comfort

To compare Acura and Lexus as brands, the models that bring both closer to watch are the Acura TLX and the Lexus IS 250. Here again the Acura went ahead with its bigger rear head-and legroom, to comfort the backseat passengers. The Lexus IS 250 on the other hand too, became a favorite for the taller drivers as it provided more front head-and legroom in comparison to the Acura TLX.

Comparison on Drivetrain

The drive train is another parameter to conduct a comparison between the two brand models, Lexus vs Acura. The engine of the Acura TLX has a much higher torque than the Lexus IS 250, doing the job of transmitting power to the wheels in a much better way.

Comparison on Performance

Coming to the performance level, because of the horsepower and a more powerful engine, the Acura TLX scored higher again than the Lexus IS 250.

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