Traveling on a rollicking trip is a wonderful thing for everyone. However, in traveling with many people, you need a vehicle that is large enough and fit the number of passengers. Now, you do not have to worry about getting a rental bus or fleet. Chicago Motor Coach has many fleets with affordable rental rates. You can choose the cost of rent per hour, per day or per mile. It’s very flexible for you. You can rent it for both long and short trips. Thus, you will not feel disadvantaged by the service of the Chicago Motor Coach bus rental.

Rental or Shuttle Bus with Affordable Rates

Want to go far? Want to rent a vehicle to go there? Chicago Motor Coach is the answer. We have several types of fleets that you can rent. All of our fleets are equipped with some additional equipment that can make happiness in your trip. We also offer some kind of services like your round trip service. Thus, you can hire us to take you either come or go. Chicago Motor Coach bus rental can be rented by anyone at anytime. However, you should immediately rent it when you already have plans to travel with your family or friends. This is because we will provide our fleet to customers who have ordered it first. We will not give our fleets to whom that book late.

Bus Rental for a Long Trip

In a long journey, you certainly need a vehicle that is safe and comfortable. Chicago Motor Coach is perfect for those of you who want to rent a fleet for long trips. Our company has several fleets designed specifically to provide comfort to our passengers. We provide a fleet equipped with a restroom, TV monitor, DVD / CD player and PA player that you can use on your long journey. If you want to visit a distant place that is more than 300 miles away, you are advised to choose a rental package per mile. You can pay for $ 4 per mile if you hire a fleet of 56 seats. If you rent a fleet with 40 seats, you have to pay for $ 3.5 per mile. This is very economical and affordable rates for you.

Bus Rental for Office and Organizational Needs

Having a team work is great. Especially if we go on holiday with our co-workers. If you want to vacation with your co-workers, you can rent one of our fleets that have a capacity of 56 or 40 passenger seats. This is ideal if you and your friends bring your family. So, they all can enjoy the journey with joy. If you and your friends want to bring lots of equipment or goods, we have provided a wide luggage for you. However, we will not be liable for your lost or damaged goods. Because it is not our responsibility, but the responsibility of the passenger itself. It will be great if you have a trip with us.

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