BMW 2011 5-Series Sedan Is Top Safety Pick

If you are seeking a BMW with enhanced safety features, then you cannot go wrong with the 2011 BMW 5-Series sedan. Whilst many older BMW cars are prized choices, this particular auto features some safety amenities that cannot be overlooked.

Some of the Safety Features

For example, the car displays electronic stability control as a standard feature. The car is also equipped with a total of eight airbags. In addition, a forward collision warning system is available on some models.

How a Forward Collision Alert Works

The forward collision alert is technology that warns the driver of an impending frontal crash. The alert, which is prompted by sensors, tells a driver if he or she is driving too close to the car ahead of him or her. So, if you are looking for a pre-owned BMW that has a focus on safety, this 2011 5-Series sedan could be the car for you.

Making a Decision for a Pre-Owned BMW

If you are seeking to buy a used BMW in Yorkshire, then you need to determine the price range, the style of the car, and the year range. You also want to consider the make and model and any trim. Take note of the mileage and fuel economy too.

Possible Amenities

Next, consider the specifications for the engine and the number of doors. Do you want to buy a BMW with an automatic or manual transmission? What do you prefer in an interior or exterior colour? Next, consider the amenities. Some of the features include the following:

  • Backup camera
  • Multi-zone climate control
  • Keyless entry
  • Cruise control
  • Power locks and windows
  • Controls on the steering column

Entertainment and Luxury Options

Some of the entertainment options include CD and DVD players, navigational assistance, portable audio connection, and upgraded security. Pre-owned luxury BMWs also feature premium wheels, sunroof, and heated leather seats.

Vehicle Disclosures

Make sure the dealer where your buy your car attempts to disclose all flaws associated with the vehicle that you are interested in buying. Even high-quality vehicles can feature scratches, chips, nicks, or dings, any of which are related to the kilometres and age of the vehicle.


The above-mentioned 5-Series sedan is available with an eight-speed shiftable automatic transmission and six-cylinder turbo engine. All-wheel-drive is also featured, which enhances the car’s safety even more.

All-wheel-drive vehicles supply optimum forward traction when a driver accelerates. As a result, this type of BMW can handle sloppy and wet road conditions and off-road terrains. Therefore, sedans with all-wheel drive can ably assist you if you are travelling through mud or sand. That is because the same amount of power is delivered to one set of tires. If slippage is noted at one axle then the power is directed to the other axle.

A BMW with all-wheel-drive performs well in changing road conditions or when the road is covered with intermittent ice or snow. This is an important distinction to make, especially when selecting a pre-owned car. If you are looking for a car that is safe to drive or a first car for a teenager, then the 2011 5-Series sedan is well worth considering.


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