Auto Detailing and What Are Its Benefits?

Auto Detailing

Auto detailing involves cleaning, restoration and finishing of an automobile. When done properly, auto detailing can produce a show-quality level of detail.

The reconditioning of the car is a meticulous and systematic process. Professionals use special tools to clean the dirt and grime.

The Process of Auto Detailing

The process of auto detailing takes several hours because all cracks and crevices will be assessed and reconditioned.

In general, it includes exterior and interior detailing. There can be other focuses or areas reconditioned depending on the professional package.

Exterior Detailing

Restoring or surpassing the original condition of the car’s exterior finish, windows, wheels, tires and chrome grime is the focus of exterior detailing. Paint with a glossy finish is usually done on the body of the car.

Different materials like detergents and acid-free degreasers, detail clay, waxes and polishes are used. These products break down dirt and grime, and ensure a smooth surface.

Paint care in exterior detailing involves washing and drying, and clay bar application, which removes contaminants in the clear coat. The exterior surface is then polished to remove swirl marks and fine scratched. Finally, the surface is sealed via waxing.

Headlights, taillights and exterior trim are also polished and sealed. Detailing of chassis and wheels includes areas inside the wheel wells and around the major suspension components. After, the components are dressed with a plastic protectant to prevent corrosion and cracking.

Interior Detailing

Aside from the exterior of the car, auto detailing involves deeply cleaning the whole interior cabin. At the very least, this process includes the carpeting and seating surfaces. The trunk is also an area that should be addressed by detailing.

Auto Detailing

Vacuuming, steam cleaning, chemical use and so on are done to address the different interior surfaces. Covers and surfaces are made with different materials, like vinyl, leather, synthetic carpet and so on, so specific materials are used to clean each material.

Benefits of Auto Detailing

Many people think that regular cleaning is enough; however, to protect your car and ensure its smooth function, regular auto detailing should be a priority.

The first benefit of auto detailing is protection from the elements. The “clear coat” or external finish of your car is vulnerable to contaminants and oxidation. The wax coat should be applied at least twice a year to the painted surfaces to address this. Secondly, auto detailing makes your car more beautiful as it brings out the original color and shine of your car. Making your car look better could be for your personal enjoyment or for reselling purposes. Lastly, auto detailing helps secure your investment. It keeps your car in excellent condition. This ensures that your car will have more resale value in the future.

Take advantage of these benefits and contact an automobile body shop for professional help.

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