Advantages and Use of Ceramic Coating Ball Bearings

Ceramic Coating Ball Bearings

Ceramic coating bearings are similar to ordinary steel bearings made of white ceramic only. Considering the ceramic plate, you may feel that the ball bearing will not be as durable as steel, or less effective.

The balls are made of solid silicon nitride and have nothing to do with the dishes.

Ceramic coating bearings are extremely hard, soft and lightweight than a steel ball. In fact, it is known that ceramic bearings last ten times longer than their competitors and have less friction because the surface is softer. Ceramic coating bearings also have better thermal properties, since they do not retain heat like steel. Heat build-up can cause damage to the machine, especially if there is not enough lubrication. Many would prefer to avoid this mess if they could.

Finally, ceramic coating bearings are resistant to oxidation and corrosion, which is a great advantage. All bearings need a little lubrication or oil to work better. This makes them ideal for applications where lubrication is unavailable or unacceptable.

Where to find ceramic coating bearings

There is a fear of investing in cheaper versions. In these ceramic coating bearings, when heated, the ceramic part tends to separate from the inner steel. An easy way to avoid this disaster is to work with a known and reliable manufacturer. If someone does not know the manufacturer; you can receive recommendations from colleagues or conduct a search on the Internet.

Ceramic Coating Ball Bearings

Ceramic coating bearings can be found in all sizes of various companies. Anyone who cares about quality can judge them by their roundness and evaluation. Grade 25 is considered high quality. The number is related to its tolerance per millionth of an inch, so the estimate is 25 with an accuracy of 25/1 000 000 inches.

Roundness is important because the trajectory along which the ceramic bearing moves will be less perfect than the bearing itself, so it can be assumed that there will be more control over accuracy when controlling roundness.


The materials used to make a ceramic coating bell bearing is a granular structure that is very similar to its competitor: a steel ball bearing. Stiffness is a measure of how well a bearing can withstand a load or load. This is called the modulus of elasticity. The ceramic coating bearings made of silicon nitride have a higher stiffness, so they can cope with heavy loads and provide savings for the user. Remember that stiffness is more important than weight.

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