Accident Management Ensures Quicker and Satisfactory Repairs

Have you been involved in a car accident? Then you cannot waste any time getting your car repaired. If you have been the victim of an auto accident that is not your fault, then you can obtain a loaner car whilst your own vehicle is being repaired.

Body Repairs Are Featured in a Number of Services

One of the car body services offered today is paintless dent removal. This type of repair is favoured as the technician’s work is easier and the repair can be done in a short matter of time. You can also obtain other body repair services to repair the looks of your car. The work that is performed should meet certain quality inspection criteria.

For example, all authorised repairs should be performed to an acceptable standard. That means that all structural components should be free from kinks and neatly aligned to the adjacent panels. Also, panel gaps should be consistent to the vehicle manufacturer gaps. Body repair specialists should ensure the quality of the boot lid and doors and make sure that all swinging panels are not binding but opening easily.

Quality Testing

All welds for car smash repairs in Perth should be performed per the manufacturer’s suggestions or comply with alternative manufacturer’s recommendations including the guidelines for riveting and bonding. Spot and inverter welders should be used when required as well. With respect to paint operations, the paint colour should reflect the finish of the paint before the accident. When a quality inspection is made of the paint, the car’s finish should be reviewed in natural sunlight.

After a body repair, the paint film should be free of any dirt or dust particles. It should also be clear of any preparation marks. Since factory finishes are not ideally perfect, exceptions should be allowed for any minor blemishes in insignificant or obscure areas of the vehicle.

Matching the Finish

The texture or peel (finish) of the vehicle should be consistent with the remainder of the automobile. Also, the paint blends should be consistent with the finish before the accident. The interior paint coverage and colours should also be consistent with the finish before the car or truck was struck.

Insurers do not require repairers to carry out any accident repairs that are not in line with a manufacturer’s technical specifications, including those provided by any industry-recognised authorities. In addition, repairs should not be made that compromise a vehicle’s warranty conditions or are not in accordance with accepted industry standards and practices.

Sectional Repairs

Sometimes a sectional repair is made. A sectional repair is a technique of repairing a structural component of an auto. The process entails cutting out the damaged section and replacing it with an undamaged section from a used or new donor assembly. Sections that are acceptable in this respect include radiator support panels, rear quarter panel and rear panel sections, and centre pillar and sill section assemblies, just to name a few.

Repairs should never be accepted that use the “cut and shut” type of repair. This method involves replacing a complete rear or front section by joining the auto through a passenger compartment to make the repair. Car repair specialists should never use this method for repairing a car’s body.

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