A Discourse on How Automotive Industry is Utilizing Social Media Marketing

Long gone are the days when the car dealers used to publish an advertisement in the newspaper and wait for the consumers to see it. Well, first the print media and in the next phase, the electronics media have undoubtedly opened up the platform for executing marketing strategies effectively. However, with the emergence of digital platforms, especially social media has changed the face of marketing strategy for automotive dealers.

Initially, social media platforms started with the aim of connecting people all over the world, and now it gradually created a space for marketers to impart their intellect and grab the profit away. The Automotive Social MediaMarketing strategies used by various car dealers have proven to be quite successful in the last few years. The campaigns did not only boost up their sales but those also helped in strengthening their branding. Read on the following to find out the facts suggesting how social media platforms have become an integral part of the automotive industry.

Use of Social Media Platform

The marketers of car dealers have developed feasible marketing strategies specialized for different social media platforms. They have used Facebook for locating their target market as the research has found that more than 80% of the overall population of the consumers is active on this particular platform. On the other hand, the marketers have used Twitter for driving sales. By posting automotive based tweets with appropriate keywords, the marketers have successfully influenced the purchase decision of the consumers.

Similarly, the dealers have also noticed the millennial shift towards Instagram in the recent time and thus shared creative images on automotive to convince people how they can alter their lifestyle choices just by having a decent car. Moreover, video marketing strategies via YouTube, achieving SEO goals by sharing landing pages and images on Pinterest have alsoturned out to be quite useful for the marketers to drive sales on their favor.

Effective Campaigns

The success story of branding through social media is based upon simple yet effective strategies implied by different automotive dealers. Firstly, they have tried to establish a story through visual images and minimalist videos. The stories were compelling and made easy to memorize so that it keeps on resonating into the minds of the users for a long time. Secondly, Social Media Marketing has opened the door for the consumers to share their honest feedback. It gave the consumers the power to be vocal about their preferences as well as dislikes. While the choices have led the dealers to grow their inventory for strengthening their customer base, on the other hand, the negative feedbacks have made it easy for the dealers to understand exactly where they are still lacking.

Placing inquiries and addressing the relevant issues have become quite easier for the consumers. Moreover, the compelling images and videos broadened the perspective of the consumers and even convinced them to alter their preferences. Other than this, the placement of pricing, discounts and lucrative offers have also made easy by the social media platforms. However, as the social media platforms are being used by almost all the leading automotive dealers; you need to come up with something unique to make sure the attention of the viewer does not get diverted.

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