5 Things you should be aware before using HyreCar


Considering renting your car? You may consider signing up with HyreCar. HyreCar is a car-sharing platform that connects car owners and transportation drivers who need vehicles for their job. The company provides leases to the drivers while car owners earn from renting out their cars.

You can rent your car on HyreCar on daily, weekly, or monthly rates with the exclusive freedom of setting the car hire price. That said, here are a few things you need to know before using HyreCar as a driver or car owner.

1. No contract or sign-up fees

Registering on HyreCar does not require you to pay any registration fee. Additionally, there are no membership fees, and you only pay when you rent a car. It’s a pay-as-you-go service and no need for fretting over obligations and long-term contracts. HyreCar also allows vehicle owner to set hiring charges for their car (but the company deducts 15% from their monthly income).

2. Intensive Background Check

To rent a car with HyreCar, you must pass the review process which includes meeting some requirements. You must be 21+ years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and have at least one year experience in driving. You must also have a social security number (SSN), clean criminal record, and an appreciable DMV (department of motor vehicles) record with no cases of accidents and significant violations in the past three years. HyreCar also screens car owners before accepting them on the platform.


3. Mileage limit

HyreCar allows car owners to specify a daily mileage limit for their vehicles. The standard limit is about 250 miles above which a driver pays $0.25 per mile. Consequently, it’s best to check the mileage limit on a car listing before hitting the ‘confirm’ button. But some car owners offer unlimited mileage as an incentive to attract customers.

4. Background Check and Transaction Fees

The price you see on a particular car’s listing is not the total. It’s usually the price listed by the car owner. You will be required to pay a specific background check fee before renting a car with HyreCar. The platform also charges renters a 10% transaction fee besides a daily insurance fee of about $10. Additionally, a $200 security deposit is required when renting a car using a debit card. Nevertheless, you can avoid this by using a credit card instead.

5. There’s Rental Minimum

You should know that HyreCar sets a rental minimum for drivers. Drivers cannot hire a car on HyreCar for less than two days. This keeps car owners from daily interaction with renters and is also a reliable way to earn more income. A renter may also opt to extend the rental period rather than returning the car.


HyreCar serves as a bridge between vehicle owners and transportation drivers who need cars for their work. But, you must pass the background check for you to get approved to rent a car with HyreCar. The platform allows car owners to set a daily mileage limit above which a driver is required to pay an appropriate fee. As a driver, you can’t rent a car for less than two days besides being required to pay insurance and transaction fees.

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