5 Benefits of Using GMC’s Digital Steering Assist System

Today technology is easing out the hard work from every field of life and automobile as a technology itself had to double the benefit from it. Now driving is easier, safer, smoother and more comfortable than ever before. Among innumerable driving assistance features, GMC’s Digital Steering Assist System could secure itself quite a prominent position. The aim was to make the effort of steering lighter especially while parking in a narrow lot, and even while driving through open roads, making the driver feel ever more confident.

Here are five advantages the Salinas GMC dealer described, that one can get by installing in his car the Digital Steering Assist from GMC:

  1. Speed-Adaptive:

The Digital Steering Assist System from GMC installs a controller that gets connected directly to the steering gear that can actively measure up the position of the steering wheel, vehicle speed, and even the steering gear pressure and finally adjusts the driving effort that the driver needs to put based on a situation. Moreover, while driving at lower speeds, the steering effort gets 20% lighter at higher speeds, the steering system gives out a heavier feel, to ensure a feeling of better stability and a sense of consistency.

  1. Crafted for Better Hauling and Towing:

GMC’s Digital Steering Assist responds instantly when the driver pushes the Tow/Haul switch. It does so by increasing the low-speed assist and consequentially reducing the static steering effort by another 10%.The Digital Steering Assist also helps in adjusting transmission tuning while hauling or towing heavy loads.

  1. Return to Center:

The traditional heavy-duty steering systems in earlier cars often used to require quite an amount of physical effort from the driver to bring the steering wheel dial back to the center. Things though improved a lot with power assist, it couldn’t be totally an effortless job. Now that the Digital Steering Assist can adjust the assist levels actively, there is a great reduction absorbed in the amount of effort to be applied by the driver to centralize the steering wheel. This additionally proved to be beneficial even while maneuvering the vehicle in small parking lots or in any other tight space.

  1. Resist Road Pull:

Roads though apparently lying still do have the tendency even a perfectly-aligned vehicle with the correct suspension to pull to one side because of its slightly sloping edges. The Digital Steering Assist can anticipate such situations and comes to help instead of expecting all the work from the driver to constantly dial the steering to resist the pull and shares the workload.

  1. Variable Flow Pump:

Apart from making a difference in the weight and the amount of human effort to be applied for the steering system, GMC’s Digital Steering Assist system takes a step ahead by using a hydraulic power steering pump with a variable-output.According to the Salinas GMC dealer experts, that helps in reducing the load from the engine and finally brings about a lot of improvement in its efficiency.

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