2018 Ford Fiesta: A Review

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2018 Ford Fiesta can come to you as a Sedan or a Hatchback, but in both ways, it works perfect as a subcompact car that worth checking out. It has reportedly handled well all around the corners, the available features are in loads and has proved itself as a high-performance ST version for the driving enthusiasts. The engine this time is able to offer a significant boost in the fuel economy with a difference of up to 5 mpg in combined trips from that of a standard engine. The Ford dealer serving Harrisburg provided us with some more details that are described below.

What’s New in 2018

To add to the 2017 model Ford has installed a new rearview camera on all the 2018 trim levels of Ford Fiesta. The earlier 3.5-inch central display screen is now replaced with a bigger 4.2-inch screen and the optional 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine that was powering the earlier models has been eliminated from the entire 2018 lineup.


Like any other subcompact vehicle, the Fiesta unfortunately doesn’t come with an extra level of power and is not even supported by those twin-clutch PowerShift semi-automatic transmissions while driving on usual terms. Even then, driving enthusiasts can enjoy the benefit of the sportily tuned chassis that provide the vehicle with the necessary push.


The Fiesta is now frilled up with a few softer touches here and there to let you realize how special you are for the brand Ford as a trusted customer. It has integrated and assembled well every feature inside the cabin along with the minor MyFord Touches. The interior in Ford Fiesta is functional in every turn and is easy to use even for novice drivers.

While the front headroom is bountiful, the sight lines provide a good all-round visibility because of the large glass area, though the narrow roof pillars might become an obstacle for taller people. The rear windows are relatively large.

Cargo Space

The trunk of the sedan is smaller than what is expected from its class. The rear seats can be folded down, but then it doesn’t make that flat a bed. The hatchback has a larger cargo in comparison and can haul both passengers and luggage with equal comfort.


As shared by the Ford Harrisburg dealer, the in-car tech in Fiesta started from the standard Sync’s voice recognition system to the turn-by-turn driving instructions, navigations and emergency assistance. The Sync 3 system installed in has undergone huge improvement with sharper graphics, better intuitive controls and a larger 6.5-inch touchscreen. The rearview camera and hill start assist technology are included as standard features in every Fiesta trim level and the bold engineering behind has ensures occupant safety that is extensively held in the structure.

The Verdict

With the good looks, the smartness prevailing inside the cabin, the refined and well-connected handling that is so easy to use, Fiesta 2018 has grabbed a dynamic package which has been yet more rounded than before, leaving least scope to grumble around. Though it might not be the most spacious supermini, or has the best in class cabin quality, the 2018 Fiesta is definitely a smart choice who love to have fun on road and doesn’t want a highly expensive car.

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